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Frequently Asked Questions

This Q&A list breifly answers the most common questions about MagnetSVN.

Start Using MagnetSVN

This article guides you through several ways of using Subversion for your documents with MagnetSVN.

Release Notes

This article overviews improvements in MagnetSVN newest versions.

What's New in Subversion 1.8

This article overviews changes in Subversion 1.8 and how to upgrade your working copies to it.

How to Create a Remote Repository

This article describes how to create a remote repository with Subversion for sharing your documents with others.

How to Install VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) for Microsoft Office

MagnetSVN needs VBA as a prerequisite. Read this article to know how to install VBA support.

How To Obtain and Register MagnetSVN License Key

This article breifly describes how to obtain and register License Key to use MagnetSVN after the default evaluation finishes.

How to work with personal and collaborative documents

This article describes how to work with remote documents using Projects and Modes to avoid modification conflicts.

How to resolve Subversion Conflicts in Microsoft Office Documents with MagnetSVN

This article describes how to resolve Subversion conflicts when using Microsoft Office documents versioning with MagnetSVN.

Older Articles (for MagnetSVN 0.7.2)

What's New in Subversion 1.7

This article overviews improvements in Subversion 1.7 and how you can benefit from them using MagnetSVN with Subversion 1.7 support.

Using Subversion Locks to Prevent Modification Conflicts with MagnetSVN

This article briefly describes Subversion locking and its implementation in MangenSVN.