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How can I start versioning of my documents?

Visit Start Using MagnetSVN for the quick guide.

What is Subversion repository?

Repository is a place where Subversion stores versioned files and records of their changes. For Personal documents repository is usually located on user's computer. For Collaborative documents it is located remotely, usually on server.

You will be asked to provide a link to repository when you Connect to Collaborative Project. The link for a particular document can be seen in Project tab of MagnetSVN sidebar.

repositry location

What is Project Folder?

Project Folder (working copy, in Subversion) is a directory where versioned files are located on your computer. Each working copy has associated repository. The location of the Project Folder can be seen in Project tab of MagnetSVN sidebar.

Project Folder location

It is important to Update your Project Folder regularly to keep track of changes made by other users and to avoid editing conflicts.

How can I share my versioned documents with colleagues?

For sharing your documents with other users and access them from different locations you can set up remotely accessible Subversion repository.

  • Create a remote repository.
  • Send the repository link to the colleagues.
  • Ask your colleagues to install MagnetSVN and connect to collaborative project using your link.

Please visit Start Using MagnetSVN and How to Create a Remote Repository articles for more details.

What are Personal and Collaborative modes?

All the documents which belong to a particular project have this project's mode, e.g. Personal for local projects and Collaborative for remote and shared ones. But you can change this for every single document if you are going to work with it differently. If you are going to share a local document between different users you can switch it to Collaborative Mode to avoid simultaneous editing. And, similarly, if you are the only person who is going to work with a document from a Collaborative project you can switch this document's mode to Personal.

I created sub-folder within Versioned Documents folder. How can I add it under Subversion?

If you created new sub-folder you may add it under Subversion control with MagnetSVN automatically since version 0.7. Just open any document within newly created sub-folder and press Commit button. The sub-folder will be placed to Subversion repository with the document. To get added sub-folder from Subversion repository to other working copies execute Update Document Folder command under the pop-out menu on the Update button.
Note: After described steps only the document committed and subfolder itself will be added under Subversion control. To put under control any other document in this subfolder you need to commit it as usual.

I do not see MagnetSVN tab on Microsoft Office ribbon. What is wrong?

Check if MagnetSVN present, whether inactive or disabled:

  • Click in Word or Ecxel Office File Button.
  • Choose Options.
  • Dialog window will appear, select Add-Ins tab there:
    Word Options / Add-Ins Window
  • If item "MagnetSVN. Microsoft Office Subversion Add-In" present in "Active ..." or "Inactive ..." group than select COM Add-Ins, click "Go" and make sure MagnetSVN item is checked.
  • If item "MagnetSVN. Microsoft Office Subversion Add-In" present in "Disabled ..." group than select Disabled Items, click "Go", select MagnetSVN and click Enable.

If MagnetSVN ribbon tab remains invisible than close all MS Office programs and reinstall MagnetSVN. Contact support if you can't make MagnetSVN work.

Why do I need Visual Basic for Applications?

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) component of Microsoft Office 2007 / Office 2010 must be preinstalled before installing MagnetSVN add-in. Otherwise the warning will appear during installation and installation will be terminated.
NO VBA Warning
Read this article to know how to install VBA support.