Integration with Microsoft Office Ribbon Interface

MagnetSVN is the easiest way to version your documents both in Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 and 2013.
MagnetSVN Ribbon

Microsoft Word and Excel Integration

MagnetSVN now integrates with Word and Excel and supports several kinds of documents:

  • Word doc, docx, docm and rtf documents.
  • Excel xls, xlsx and xlsm documents.

Versioning straight from the document window

MagnetSVN allows you to work with Subversion straight from the ribbon of the Microsoft Office document window:

  • Commit to put a document and its folder under Subversion Control and commit all the document's changes to repository;
  • Create a Personal Project to create a local repository and its working copy;
  • Connect to Collaborative Project to checkout working copy from local or remote repository;
  • Update Current Document to apply changes from repository back to the document;
  • Update Document Folder to apply changes from repository to the document's folder;
  • Revert to undo changes made to the document since last commit;
  • Copy Link to copy the document location in repository into the clipboard;
  • Show changes to show changes made to the document since last commit in Microsoft Word.

MagnetSVN Sidebar

MagnetSVN Sidebar allows you to see the document version history, to work with previous versions, duplicates and extends access to all MagnetSVN functions.

Document Tab

  • Open Sidebar to open MagnetSVN sidebar with list of document revisions and and access to MagnetSVN functions;
  • Compare Version… with… to show the differences between chosen revision and previous one or between the revision and current local copy;
  • Open Version… to reload chosen revision of the document;
  • Statuses icon of the document to show document status in Subversion: unversioned, modified, normal, resticted editing, edit started, conflicted, needs cleanup, unsupported, unknown, no document;

Project Tab

  • Repository to show repository location and to copy link to it into the clipboard;
  • Location to show project working copy location and to open local copy folder in explorer;
  • Repair (Cleanup) to recover working copy from failed commands;
  • Brows Known Projectsto find all Subversion Projects and to open their local copies' folders.

Preventing Modification Conflicts

MagnetSVN helps you to prevent modification conflicts caused by simultaneous editing of documents shared with other users:

  • Begin / End Editing (Get / Release Lock) to put a document into read-write mode and mark it as locked. Helps to prevent simultaneous editing of document and modification conflicts caures by it;
  • Force Collaborative mode (Toggle NeedsLock Subversion property) to force default read-only for a document from local repository shared with other users;
  • Force Personal mode (Toggle NeedsLock Subversion property) to force default read-write for remote document to allow you to work with it as with personal one and to edit it straight after opening. (! Don't use if you are not the only person working with this document);

Please read more about working with Personal and Collaborative documents in MagnetSVN.

Resolving Modification Conflicts

Using MagnetSVN you can resolve modification conflicts caused by simultaneous editing of a document.

Smart Document Reloading

MagnetSVN blocks the Microsoft Office interface while a Subversion command executes in the background in order to prevent undesired modifications to the document. After the background process ends, MagnetSVN reloads the document in a special way. It prevents the loss of document caret position and other properties. MagnetSVN saves you from hassle of closing and reopening Microsoft Office documents manually on every Subversion update command.

Secure Protocols Support

MagnetSVN supports secure Subversion protocols: HTTPS, SVN+SSH. Other protocols also supported: HTTP, SVN, FILE.

Download MagnetSVN

Go to MagnetSVN Download page to get Microsoft Office Subversion integration installed in your system by clicking the green circle on the left.