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This article describes how to create a remote repository for sharing your documents with others.


For sharing your documents with other users and access them from different locations you can set up remotely accessible Subversion repository. It can be done in three different ways depending on your purposes:

How to Subscribe to Subversion service in Internet (Beanstalk example)

Choose one of Subversion services (ex. Beanstalk).
Beanstalk registration. Step 1

Register on chosen hosting service website.
Beanstalk registration. Step 2

Follow suggested steps to create a repository where all your files will be stored.
Beanstalk registration. Step 3

Choose the Subversion one. Name it.
Beanstalk registration. Step 4

Create the repository. Tick off Create trunk, Brunches and tags Directories
Beanstalk registration. Step 5

Copy repository URL to clipboard. Now you can connect to it via MagnetSVN Connect to Collaborative Project service.
Beanstalk registration. Step 6

To invite other users to work with your repository go to Permissions tab and Invite a user.
Beanstalk registration. Step 7

Manage their access and press Send invitation
Beanstalk registration. Step 8

Set up Subversion server on your computer via independent software

If you are advanced computer user you can use one of this independent applications to set up Subversion server on your computer connected to Internet:

Download and install chosen sofware on your computer to enable access to your repository from other computers:
VisualSVN Server Getting Started,
AxoSoft RocketSVN Server Installation Guide, pdf.

Then create repository, set up user access permissions on the Subversion repository and copy Repository URL to clipboard.

These software products were listed here only as samples. If you need more information about above steps please use corresponing software product support.

Reinforce Document Versioning with Subversion Client

Alothough MagnetSVN is a handy Subversion client integrated into Microsoft Office, it is not overfilled with relatively rare-used features.
To access advanced Subversion features such as branching, merging and others you can install free Subversion client TortoiseSVN integrated into Windows shell.
TortoiseSVN downloads page.

We hope you enjoy using Subversion for document versioning with MagnetSVN!

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