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  • We build Microsoft Office integrations
  • We create version control integrations
  • We make custom software solutions

I'm impressed... I've rarely received support like this from other software companies -- especially at this price. So if you're on the fence about giving MagnetSVN a try, do it!

Sunni MagnetSVN User


This is our first and the most loved product. It integrates Subversion version control into Micrsoft Office. Since 2010 when the first version has been published we've done a lot making our customers happy.

During development we released three major versions and more than a dozen minor ones. We integrated and tested our product against several Microsft Office and Subversion releases. Thousands users downloaded and installed MagnetSVN. Many of them has become our clients.


We created CoDocuments as a successor of MagnetSVN aimed to expand our experience for Dropbox and Microsoft users.

Lots of users downloaded first version of CoDocuments and left their feedback for us. We are full of plans to improved CoDocuments further.

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