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This article describes how to start using Subversion for Microsoft Word and Excel documents versioning with MagnetSVN.


MagnetSVN is a Microsoft Office Add-In that integrates with Subversion version control. All its functions are available via the ribbon tab.
MagnetSVN ribbon MagnetSVN allows you to store changes history of personal documents on your computer (Personal Document Versioning) or to share your documents with other users and access them from different locations (Collaborative Document Versioning).
After installation finishes run Microsoft Word or Excel and switch to MagnetSVN tab appeared on the ribbon. Set up either personal or collaborative versioning project with Project button before using MagnetSVN.
Create Project / Connect to Project

Personal Document Versioning

Create Personal Project to set up versioning of personal documents on your computer. You will be requested to provide a project folder location.

Collaborative Document Versioning

For sharing your documents with other users and access them from different locations you can set up remotely accessible Subversion repository. How to Create a Remote Repository

After you have your remote repository created do the following:

  • Copy Repository link to Clipboard;
  • Press Connect to Collaborative Project button on the Project tab of MagnetSVN Sidebar;
  • Paste copied Link to the input field and press OK.

Now you have your local working copy of the project. Save any document into this folder, open it and press Commit to start recording changes.

Start Document Versioning

  • Open the document you want to start versioning;
  • Switch to MagnetSVN tab appeared on the ribbon after installation;
    MagnetSVN ribbon
  • Press Commit button. If the document does not belong any folder under Subversion control you will be invited to Create a New Versioning Project or to Move Document to Existing Project.
    Create Project / Connect to Project If the document is saved into a folder of existing local or remote project it will automatically be added to the project.
  • Enter comment message to reflect your modifications in change history and press OK;
    Initial Commit
  • You can also find all MagnetSVN functionality and track documents versions when you Open Sidebar.
    Opened Sidebar

Reinforce Document Versioning with Subversion Client

Alothough MagnetSVN is a handy Subversion client integrated into Microsoft Office, it is not overfilled with relatively rare-used features.
To access advanced Subversion features such as branching, merging and others you can install free Subversion client TortoiseSVN integrated into Windows shell. TortoiseSVN downloads page.

We hope you enjoy using Subversion for document versioning with MagnetSVN!

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