This is a very useful product

This is a very useful product for me - something that has been needed in the office environment for a long time. I don't know the target audience for MagnetSVN, but all the version control software I have seen has been directed toward software development (text files).

Besides the file types, the office environment is different. Users will not understand the technology and do not want to understand it. They just want it to work. If this is where you are going, wear your "office hat" when thinking about features and upgrades. Talk to people besides developers.

Best of luck and I wish you success.

Rick, MagnetSVN user

I'm impressed

I'm impressed. I honestly wasn't sure if MagnetSVN would work for my editing project, but Evgeny and his team were incredibly responsive, patient and thorough in helping me step by step. They even took some of my suggestions to upgrade the software!

I've rarely received support like this from other software companies -- especially at this price. So if you're on the fence about giving MagnetSVN a try, do it!

Sunni, MagnetSVN user

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