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Version History

MagnetSVN 2.4 (Current stable)

Fixed installation issues, enabled show changes in Word. Released on March 18, 2015.

  • Re-enabled show changes feature of Word documents;
  • Fixed installation issue.

MagnetSVN 2.3

Added Excel 2013 support! Released on December 11, 2013.

  • Added Excel 2013 support;
  • Added project folder to known project list on any operation within it;
  • Improved start versioning here menu;
  • Improved usability when closing document with non-commited changes;
  • Bug fixes.

To read more about latest changes and improvements in MagnetSVN please go to Release notes 2.2 page.

MagnetSVN 2.2

Version with Subversion 1.8, Word 2013 and Windows 8 support! Released on November 5, 2013.

  • Subversion1.8 support. Read more in What's New in Subversion 1.8? article.
  • Word 2013 support;
  • Windows 8 support;
  • Ability to update the document to one of its previous versions;
  • Ability to edit collaborative document if repository is unavailable (Begin editing document anyway);
  • Ability to edit document while ‘Show Changes’ window is open;
  • Auto Cleanup for locked working copies;
  • Open revision on double click;
  • Huge UI improvements: reworked most of the warnings and user dialogs and tooltips;
  • Improvements in using of Personal and Collaborative Modes;
  • Improved logic of working with collaborative documents;
  • Bug fixes.

MagnetSVN 1.7

Next stable version since 0.7.2 - completely reworked. Released on August 20, 2013.

Major Improvements:

  • Simplified and improved installation. Default installation available.
  • Show Word document Changes window opens from Ribbon, sidebar and Resolve Conflict windows.
  • Improved start using workflow.
  • Added ability to checkout working copy both from local and remote repositories.
  • Introduced Collaborative mode preventing document from conflicting edits.
  • Added non-intrusive notifications.
  • Added user interface compatibility with Windows 7. Most dialogs look modern both in Windows 7 and Windows XP.
  • and lots more!

MagnetSVN 1.0.5 Beta

Version with new bugfixes and usability improvements. Released on April 8, 2013.

MagnetSVN 1.0.3 Beta

Version with lots of bugfixes - works as stable with minor issues. Released on March 27, 2013.

MagnetSVN 1.0.2 Beta

Version with major improvements - totally reworked interface. Released on February 2, 2013.
Find an actual list of changes in Beta version MagnetSVN Beta

MagnetSVN 0.7.2 (Supported Minimalistic Prototype)

Download MagnetSVN 0.7.2 (32-bit)

Download MagnetSVN 0.7.2 (64-bit)

Version with Subversion 1.7 support and some other improvements. Released on November 18, 2011.

Major Improvements:

  • Added: Subversion 1.7 support with older format working copy upgrade. See our article on what’s new in Subversion 1.7.
  • Critical Fix: On some computers with different locales in Windows and Microsoft Office Excel may crash.
  • Fix: On localized version of Microsoft Excel a dialog window may appear on every MagnetSVN operation: “Conflict with name, name must not be the same as the internal name. Old Name: _FilterDatabase”.
  • Added What's New in Subversion 1.7 article.

MagnetSVN 0.7.1 Beta

Version with lots of critical fixes and improvements. Released on October 21, 2011.

Major Improvements:

  • Added: Ability to copy or move a document outside the versioned folder to the "My Versioned Documents" folder on Commit.
  • Removed notification "Document has been changed. Proceed with commit before close" because it was too annoying especially for those users who use Excel documents with macros modifying the document on every opening.
  • Removed support for Word template documents (dotx) because of poor support in source code. Will be added later with Excel template support.
  • Fixed: Only error messages are written to the log file by default. MSVN_MINLOGLEVEL environment variable can be set to write more information to the log. Values: 0-everything; 1-information messages, warnings and errors ; 2-warnings and errors; 3-errors only (by default). Repeating messages are written to the log not more often than once an hour.
  • Fixed: MagnetSVN temporary files (~~*.*) are deleted on document closing.
  • Fixed commit error when adding subdirectory that contains missing files.
  • Fixed "Null Reference Exception" when executing MagnetSVN commands on the document that is in protected mode in Microsoft Excel 2010.
  • Fixed default Commit text. No more "(enter your comments here)" records in the log.
  • Improved "Steal Lock", "Break Lock" confirmation windows and resulting messages. Now you can just retry getting lock instead of stealing it.
  • Fixed: Possible "Null Reference Exception".
  • Fixed Word / Excel crash on invalid link click in the notification window.

Minor Improvements:

  • Improved design of notification forms.
  • Fixed formatting of the Details dialog contents.
  • Fixed path formatting in dialogs.
  • Improved button text on the "Release Lock before Close" notification window.
  • Performed some other minor fixes.

MagnetSVN 0.7.0 Beta

Version with most wanted features added and lots of fixes. Released on August 3, 2011.

New Features:

  • MOST WANTED! Automatic adding subdirectories under Subversion control within working copy (on document commit).
  • 'Update document folder' command.
  • 'Modified' status displaying.
  • New progress window with status notifications, 'Open folder' button and 'Details' window.


  • Fixed: 'Null Reference' error on Word / Excel startup.
  • Fixed: Incorrect 'Cleanup' behavior when document was added but not commited to Subversion.
  • Fixed: Error when opening document by URL. Show 'Not supported' on every MagnetSVN button press instead.
  • Fixed: When executing 'Open revision...' command from 'Log' window document change history now processed correctly.
  • Fixed: 'Open revision...' command can be cancelled now.
  • Improved files layout in installation folder. Binaries (and log file) are in Bin subfolder, documents - in Docs.
  • Improved user experience on read-only documents.
  • Performed a lot of other minor improvements.

Website Changes:

  • Added Google's '+1' button for you to vote for our site.

MagnetSVN 0.6.1 Beta

Version with critical fixes. Released on June 16, 2011.


  • CRITICAL! Fixed Excel shutdown to prevent disappearing of MagnetSVN ribbon tab during next run.
  • MAJOR. Fixed Error 'Unexpected open document' when use Excel shared workbook.
  • Fixed error when saving read-only document with different name in Word.
  • Fixed update for read-only document with unsaved changes. Update will work now after discarding these changes.
  • Prevented Resolve conflict window from endless reappearing.
  • Improved error and warning messages when locking failed and cannot write to repository.

Website Changes:

  • Dramatically decreased load time for the most pages.

MagnetSVN 0.6 Beta

Version with Subversion locking support, show log and retrieve past version features, document status and more. Released on May 25, 2011.

New Features:

  • Added Subversion locking support: getting (releasing) lock, setting (resetting) Needs-lock property to force document opening in read-only mode.
  • Added showing log of modification messages for past revisions with ability to download any past revision.
  • Added document status display on the ribbon. Supported statuses so far: unversioned, versioned, properties modified, locked, conflicted, needs cleanup, unsupported, unknown, no document.
  • Added SVN+SSH protocol support.


  • Improved logging.
  • Improved text of some notifications.
  • Added confirmation to release lock / commit changes in document before closing it.
  • Fixed “Invalid handle” window handle-related errors, optimized Microsoft Office Word and Excel window handle search.

Early Access Program:

  • We continued Early Access Program to supply beta testers with new features as early as possible on our site: MagnetSVN EAP

MagnetSVN 0.5 Beta

Version with Excel integration. Released on April 4, 2011.

New Features:

New Installation Requirements:

  • System should have Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1 installed.


  • Improved resolve conflicts window.

MagnetSVN 0.4 Beta

Version with major improvements and fixes. Added support of Microsoft Office 64-bit. Removed VSTO library from installation to boost MagnetSVN loading during Word startup. Free evaluation update has been discontinued. Released on February 25, 2011.

New Features:

  • Added Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit support.
  • Added silent mode installation support.


  • Critical fix: Updated SharpSVN library to fix MagnetSVN freezing when working with VisualSVN Server.
  • Fixed: My Versioned Documents shortcut points to right place after repair or reinstall.
  • Removed Visual Studio Tools for Office from installation.
  • Installation package changed its format to more secure MSI.
  • StartUsing document got internet repository setup description.
  • About window got information about free updates period and versions.
  • After uninstallation MagnetSVN feedback page opens.
  • Improved logging and error handling.

Removed Features:

  • Free evaluation update has been discontinued.
  • Installation for All users is no longer supported.

MagnetSVN 0.3.2 Beta

Version with installation improvements and some fixes. Released on January 22, 2011.


  • Improved: enabled one-click default installation and update of MagnetSVN package.
  • Fixed: document zoom restores after reload.

MagnetSVN 0.3.1 Beta

Version with a single critical fix after 0.3.0. Released on December 23, 2010.


  • Fixed: when two documents are open, updating or reverting one of them may cause loss of formatting in another.

MagnetSVN 0.3 Beta

Version with multi-document and license key support. Released on December 18, 2010.

New Features:

  • Added support of working with multiple open documents. Before 0.3 MagnetSVN could only work with a single opened Office Document;
  • Implemented license key support in MagnetSVN. It means that there is no need to wait and download licensed version after purchase anymore. Now you will get your license key soon after purchase: just register it in the installed MagnetSVN copy and use it!


  • Improved website, added new content: ;
  • Disabled Copy Link command for local repositories, because there is no reason to use it;
  • Improved error handling, fixed text of the messages;
  • Evaluation period now starts on the first run of Microsoft Word after MagnetSVN installation and lasts for 30 days.

MagnetSVN 0.2.5 Beta

Version with slight improvements. Released on December 12, 2010.


  • Fixed MagnetSVN buy page SSL issue: there is no more browser warnings ;
  • Fixed Installation: do not allow installation when choose option “Do not install Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO)”;
  • Updated evaluation license up to January 31, 2011.

MagnetSVN 0.2.4 Beta

Version with Office 2010 experimental support. Released on October 21, 2010.

New Features:

  • Added experimental Word 2010 integration (in Office 32bit only). Temporary turned off Smart document reload feature to prevent Word hanging after completing MagnetSVN operations.


  • Fixed “My Versioned Documents” folder location for All Users installation.
  • Set up access rights for “My Versioned Documents” and Documents Repository folders.
  • Updated evaluation license up to December 25, 2010.

MagnetSVN 0.2.3 Beta

Version with critical bugfixes and improvements. Released on October 03, 2010.

Critical Bugfixes:

  • More fixes in CAS policy setting during installation: MagnetSVN works again.


  • Fixed access rights checking in installation folder;
  • Fixed: Error during checkout dialog shows twice;
  • Fixed: VSTO prompts to install even if Microsoft Office is not installed;
  • Fixed: Copy Link puts in buffer link to previously open document if it was saved to unsupported format.


  • Added "My Versioned Documents" shortcut to "Start|Programs|MagnetSVN" menu;
  • Added "Version History" document to the installation package (available) in "Start|Programs|MagnetSVN" menu;
  • Changed installation path for non-administrative user from AppData\Roaming to AppData\Local;
  • Fixed ugly "MagnetSVN: uncommented" default message. Now it is "Document has been changed.";
  • Updated evaluation license up to November 15, 2010.

MagnetSVN 0.2.2 Beta

Version with some bugfixes and improvements. Released on September 20, 2010.


  • Added additional logging;
  • Updated evaluation license up to October 31, 2010.


  • Fixed installation text and some headers;
  • Fixed bug with CAS policy setting during installation.

MagnetSVN 0.2.1 Beta

Version with minor improvements . Released on August 26, 2010.


  • GUI: Improved ribbon layout;
  • Updated evaluation license up to October 10, 2010.

MagnetSVN 0.2 Beta

The first MagnetSVN version available for download without registration on the website. Released on August 10, 2010.

New Features:

  • GUI: Added Cancel button to interrupt Subversion operations from progress dialog.


  • GUI: Redesigned resolve conflicts window;
  • Applied several other minor improvements.

MagnetSVN 0.1 EAP

The first MagnetSVN version publically available via Early Access Program. Released on June 15, 2010.

Main Features:

  • Microsoft Office Word 2007 ribbon interface integration;
  • Subversion commands execution on open document;
  • Local Subversion repository creation;
  • Working copy creation for local or remote repository;
  • Smart document reloading after Subversion commands.