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This article describes improvements in Subversion 1.7 and how you can benefit from them using MagnetSVN with Subversion 1.7 support. MagnetSVN versions starting from 0.7.2 support Subversion 1.7.

Subversion 1.7 Improvements

For those of you who use Subversion to enable versioning in Microsoft Office documents the most important changes are:

  • New working copy metadata format: Subversion client works faster, has less errors now and only top working copy folder contains hidden folder '.svn', not all of them as before.
  • Improved client-server operation: Subversion works faster by HTTP protocol especially on slow connections if installed both on client and server.
  • Many errors fixed among which is lack of file and directory rename support with letter case change. Now you can rename 'document1.docx' to 'Document1.docx' in Subversion with no problem.

The full list of improvements in Subversion 1.7 can be found here: Apache Subversion 1.7 Release Notes.

Upgrading Working Copy Using MagnetSVN

It is recommended for all users to use the latest Subversion version. However Subversion 1.7 working copy is incompatible with older ones. You should upgrade your working copy made by any older Subversion client to use it with Subversion 1.7. Please do the following to make MagnetSVN and your working copies compatible with Subversion 1.7:

  • 1. (Optional) To avoid problems during upgrade open any document from every working copy you have and execute Cleanup command before installing newer version of ManetSVN (Press Cleanup button on MagnetSVN ribbon do achieve this).
  • 2. Download and install the newest MagnetSVN version.
  • 3. If you open any document within working copy you want to be upgraded and execute any Subversion command (by pressing appropriate button on MagnetSVN ribbon) you'll get the following message:
  • MagnetSVN Working Copy Needs Upgrade Dialog
  • 4. Execute Cleanup command (Press Cleanup button on MagnetSVN ribbon do achieve this).
  • MagnetSVN Working Copy Upgrade Dialog
    After upgrade finishes you'll get working copy compatible with Subversion 1.7 and MagnetSVN 0.7.2:
    MagnetSVN Working Copy Upgrade Successful Dialog
  • 5. Note: Any older Subversion client will not work with upgraded working copy. MagnetSVN 0.7.1 user will get this error message when attempting to commit a document within Subversion 1.7 working copy.
  • MagnetSVN Client is Too Old For This Working Copy Dialog

We hope this will help you to enjoy using MagnetSVN!

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